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Chemineer 10HT Gearbox


Carl Eric Johnson, Inc. shipped a Chemineer 10HT Gearbox at a facility located in Tennessee. The Chemineer 10HT mixer blends in bricks of salt in a large tank at a local plant that is used as a feedstock. As you can imagine, this is a particularly “difficult” service that occasionally requires maintenance. An airlift was conducted as this is a critical spares item for the plant and they cannot function without the agitator in operation.  



How the Gearbox Works

The HT gearbox incorporates an oversized output shaft straightened to exact tolerances and high-capacity tapered roller bearings into its design. The rugged fabricated steel housing of the HT gearbox features a dry well seal to completely contain the gearbox lubricant as well as an external shaft coupling that saves maintenance labor and reduces downtime. These design features increase the longevity of the complete unit and reduce the maintenance costs of the agitator.


Pairing the Gearbox

When the HT gearbox is expertly matched with a wide variety of Chemineer impellers and other system components, HT agitators will meet all of your blending, suspension, dispersion, or any other mixing needs.

Carl Eric Johnson, Inc. serves the southeastern United States with industrial and municipal engineered solutions. Applications include: chemical, pulp and paper, water/wastewater, food and beverage, textile, and pharmaceuticals. As a sales representative and distributor of fluid handling equipment, CEJ provides top-notch care for their clients from beginning to end. 


Carl Eric Johnson, Inc. proudly serves: Kentucky, Tennessee, Georgia, Alabama, and Florida. 


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