Established in 1999 within Cedar Rapids, Iowa, Global Filter manufactures high-purity pleated filter cartridges at our cutting-edge production facility. Originating as a modest family-run enterprise, Global Filter has evolved to serve customers worldwide. Renowned corporations worldwide entrust Global Filter with their filtration needs, attesting to the company’s global reach and reliability.

Global Filter’s Products are used in the following industries: chemical handling, food & beverage, industrial, micro-electronics, life sciences, and healthcare. 

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Pleated Depth Cartridges

Pleated cartridges from Global Filter feature multi-layer, fiber-based media that ensure genuine depth-loading, resulting in high-efficiency removal at low micron ratings. The design of pleated depth cartridges enhances surface area, elevating loading capacity and facilitating higher flow rates. In standard process flows, these pleated cartridges are employed either as prefilters for pleated membranes or as polishing elements alongside depth-style media. Available in several materials: polypropylene, microglass, and polyester, for a broad chemical compatibility.

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Pleated membrane Cartridges

Global Filter’s Pleated membrane cartridges offer remarkably high removal efficiencies, enabling the elimination of particulate and microbial contaminants. Various media and grade options are at your disposal to fine-tune a filtration train for the most challenging applications in liquid and air filter manufacturing. In a standard process flow, these cartridges are employed as a prefilter for final polishing membranes or as a conclusive filtration step to eliminate microbial contaminants.

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high flow Cartridges

Utilizing multi-layer, fiber-based media ensures genuine depth-loading for highly efficient removal at low micron ratings. The pleated design with a larger diameter provides an exceptionally high surface area, enabling remarkable loading at elevated flow rates per individual cartridge. This minimizes the needed number of cartridges, consequently lowering the overall associated costs.

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depth Cartridges

Depth filter cartridges provide a cost-effective solution for eliminating both fine and coarse deformable and non-deformable contaminants. They are well-suited for use as a prefilter to safeguard valuable downstream pleated cartridges/equipment or as a final filter in various industries and applications.

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Suitable for a variety of applications, liquid bag filters come in both nominal and absolute efficiencies with micron ratings ranging from 1 to 1500. Well-suited for high-flow scenarios, they are commonly used for retaining coarse particulates.

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filter vessels

Meets the requirements for the broadest range of applications and industries.