THALETEC provides an extensive selection of glass-lined equipment, including tanks, columns, and receivers. Our offerings include highly efficient jacketed or half-coil reactors, as well as compact glass-lined heat exchangers with SIC pipes for even more space-saving designs. Additionally, THALETEC offers a comprehensive range of readily available spare parts essential for maintaining your process equipment. 


agitated tanks/ reactors

Agitated or glass-lined reactors frequently serve as the core equipment in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry, where attributes such as reliability, availability, and capacity are highly sought after.

THALETEC provides an extensive range of standardized and customized designs to not only meet your specific requirements but also surpass your expectations.


storage tanks

THALETEC’s storage tanks, featuring chemically inert glass linings, provide ideal conditions for preserving the quality of stored products.

THALETEC produces tanks in various configurations, including standing, lying, or customized designs. The maximum manufacturable volume is 110,000 liters (30 gallons).

RAS Glass Blue

RAS Glass Blue is the workhorse among glass linings designed for the process industry. Featuring a distinctive dark blue or cobalt blue color, this glass lining is highly versatile and nearly universally applicable. It exhibits resistance to various chemicals, making it suitable for the glass lining of a wide range of components and vessels.

Electric Conductive CONDUSIST

THALETEC CONDUSIST represents an electrically conductive glass lining employed in scenarios where process conditions or media may generate electrical charges. CONDUSIST effectively dissipates these electrical charges, preventing potential damage to the glass lining.

Abrasion Resistant ABRISIST

THALETEC ABRISIST is a glass lining tailored for processes that exert significant wear on glass coatings. Hydroabrasive wear occurs during stirring processes where solids are present in the fluid. These solids can be in the form of suspended particles or crystals resulting from distillation or crystallization processes.


THALETEC Polysist is an innovative glass lining designed specifically for polymerization processes. In comparison to other technical enamels and particularly electro-polished surfaces, THALETEC Polysist features a notably smoother and non-adhesive surface. Additionally, THALETEC Polysist enhances heat transfer, a crucial factor in dissipating reaction heat, when compared to other chemical enamels.

stainless steel glass esg 2000

ESG 2000 is a glass formulated for the glass lining of stainless steel components. This universal and dark blue-colored glass demonstrates exceptional corrosion resistance to potent acids and can also be utilized in applications with higher pH values. ESG is suitable for glass lining specific components, such as manhole covers.


glass-lined heat exchangers

Glass-lined heat exchangers excel in various applications such as evaporators, condensers, and liquid-to-liquid heat exchange. The heat transfer on optimized glass lining coatings, of the material and the seal-free connections between tube sheets and the three connected glass-lined tubes open wide application possibilities in the chemical industry.

The THALETEC PowerBaffle serves as a replacement for the baffles in glass-lined equipment while incorporating integrated heat exchangers. This results in a substantial and effortless increase in the effective heat exchanger area, up to 2.5 times more compared to a standard jacketed vessel. This enhancement leads to accelerated process flow times, quicker heating and cooling, reduced process periods, and overall improved yields for your plant equipment.

typical applications

  • Evaporators
  • Condensers
  • Liquid/liquid heat exchange
  • Energy

pressure filters

Glass-lined pressure filters are user-friendly devices for filtration.

The filtration process inside a glass lined pressure filter works as follows: Liquid flows through a fleece with a certain mesh size or is pressured through it. This way the filtered fluid, the filtrate, can run down. On the fleece residues are retained during the process, which are called the filter cake.



THALETEC manufactures any customized glass lined Columns upon customer requests. Columns of any necessary height can be manufactured with flange diameters between 200 mm to 2,000 mm and a max. height of up to 5,500 mm.

From a nominal size of 400 mm the components are connected with clamp screws, smaler sizes with loose flanges.