The Haigh Pipeliner™ range provides a reliable, straightforward, system for disintegration, maceration, or conditioning of solids inflow.
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Pipeliner grinder

The Haigh Pipeliner™ is designed to fit onto the suction line of a pump used for raw sewage or sludge, homogenizing the medium to improve the downstream process, while protecting high-performance pumps from rag debris. 


The equipment features a conditioning cutter head specially crafted for processing raw sewage and sludge. The cutters comprise a steel headstock with tungsten carbide wear blades in rotation against a stationary alloy steel shear plate with a hardness ranging from 50 to 55 Rockwell. The aperture size in the shear plate can be customized to align with the specific application. External pumping is necessary for operation.

cutting action

The precisely efficient cutting action ensures a regulated particle size, eliminating the propensity of shredded solids to reassemble. The robust agitation experienced is optimal for achieving homogeneous waste in suspension.

easy maintenance

The Pipeliner™ is engineered for the straightforward removal of cutting elements without disturbing the adjacent pipework. An economical alternative is the acquisition of a standby cutter cartridge assembly, negating the need for an entire second machine. The seal rotates within an oil bath for sufficient cooling and lubrication, featuring sealing rings made of tungsten carbide. Replacing cutters is a quick process, maintaining perfect alignment and without disrupting the mechanical seal, requiring only two Allen keys.


  • flows up to 360 m3/hr