hellan strainer

Hellan Strainers effectively eliminate various solids, including algae, zebra mussels, sand, grit, debris, and machine-cutting chips, from different fluids. Renowned for their reliability, efficient operation, and cost-effectiveness, these strainers differ from traditional basket strainers. Instead of trapping solids and requiring frequent basket removal for cleaning, Hellan Strainers discharge solids from the flow without needing disassembly. This reduces operational and maintenance costs and allows for the continuous flow of fluids.

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hellan strainer


Automatic industrial strainers are manufactured to ISO-9001 and meet all codes: ASME, CE/PED, Lloyds Register, Navy Mil Specs, and others for industrial and marine environments. We manufacture automatic strainer systems in sizes ranging from 1.5 to 20 inches in 5 available body styles to match application-specific requirements. We offer all type AH, TSH, DH, QH, and HH models in iron, steel, stainless, super duplex stainless steel, and bronze.

hellan strainer

In-Line Flow Hand-Operated Strainer

The In-Line Flow Hand-Operated Strainer is available in sizes ranging from 2 1/2″ to 12″. Type DH Hellan Strainers utilize two handwheel-equipped rotating screens and rigid scraper bars to eliminate solids from the screen’s surface when the handwheels are turned. The strainer features a solid collecting sump, and cleaning involves opening a valve on the sump flush connection and rotating the handwheels several times. Cleaning must be performed when the strainer is under positive pressure. Type DH strainers can be installed vertically in the up-flow position or horizontally with both screens in the horizontal plane, with the sump flush connection ideally located at the bottom.

our offerings

Online Cleanable/Automatic Strainers

Designed for applications where automated cleaning cycle is preferred. The implementation of Automated Strainers minimizes the need for manual cleaning of the baskets.

SSI Standard Fabricated Strainers

Applied in industrial, commercial, and HVAC settings such as data centers. When fabricated, the strainers can be customized with made-to-order face-to-face dimensions to suit both new and existing applications.

suction diffusers

Combine the benefits of efficient straining and effective flow conditions through suction diffusers.

cooling & filtration skids

Dedicated cooling skid systems are generally used to provide the temperature adjustment needed, but ongoing purification of the water used in these systems is a constant priority.