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2000 pump

The 2000 pumps set the standard is positive displacement pumping applications. Featuring a unique gear-type universal joint design, the proprietary 2000 design manages both radial and thrust loads, ensuring optimal performance and extended lifespan.

These robust pumps excel at managing abrasive materials exceeding 80% solids, providing a performance range up to 4,500 GPM and pressure capabilities reaching 1,500 PSI.


  • Gear Joint Design: Uniform design of the ring gear and gear call components create greater surface contact leading to less wear
  • Available in cast iron or stainless steel, with your choice of rotar/stator materials to meet you application requirements
  • Low Running Speeds: Reduced wear for longer working pump life
  • Reduces shear and crush damage to the product; maintains a steady flow when pumping high solid content
  • Fiber deflector prevents ragging around the connecting rod and rotor head
  • Shaft sleeve protects the drive shaft from highly abrasive application wear


  • Capacity: up to 2,100 gal/min

  • Pressure: up to 1,500 psi

  • Temperature: 14F up to 230F


  • Sewage lift station & headworks
  • Primary & tertiary sedimentation
  • Grit removal
  • Nitrification
  • Thickening & conditioning
  • Dewatering
  • Multiple fluid transfer
  • Lease automatic custody transfer
  • Adhesives
  • Slurries
  • Chemical metering
  • Polymer
  • Food & beverage processing
  • Starches, slurries, and coatings
  • Leaching / neutralization
  • Flocculants


    The high-performing 2000 Pumps provide a low-maintenance solution, minimizing downtime and ensuring a prolonged service life, all contributing to a cost-effective ownership experience.


    • Fluid Type: Broad range of viscosities & solids

    • Fluid Supply: Standard Pipe

    • Benefits: Greatest Value for majority of applications


    • Oil

    • Polymers

    • Municipal sludge to 10% solids

    • Titanium Dioxide

    • Paper coatings

    • Mining Slurries


    G2 – Single Auger Feed

      The 2000 Pumps deliver superior performance, requiring minimal maintenance, downtime, and boast an extended service life.


      • Single auger feed device to stuff product into the pump elements for increased fill efficiency
      • Wide open-throat minimizes plugging that could occur in a standard inlet


      • Fluid Type: Viscosity and solids; open inlet is needed

      • Fluid Supply: Wide open-throats and chutes

      • Suitable for varying length to match wide feed areas.

      • Centrifuges and 1, 1.5, & 2-meter length belt filter presses


      • Heavy clay slurriesGypsum
      • Grout
      • Grape must
      • Municipal GBT sludge
      • Municipal sludge to 15% solids
      • Thick industrial sludges

      G3 – Bridge Breaker

        The 2000 Pumps, known for their exceptional performance, provide a low-maintenance solution with minimal downtime and an extended service life, resulting in a cost-effective total ownership experience.


        • The Moyno bridge breaker, independently driven, offers the flexibility to operate at varying RPMs distinct from the pump
        • A single auger feed mechanism is utilized to push the product into the pump elements, enhancing fill efficiency
        • Open-throat design significantly reduces the risk of plugging commonly associated with standard inlets


        • Fluid Type: Medium to high-viscosity and solids where product bridging is a concern
        • Fluid Supply: Via wide open-throats and chutes
        • Capable of varying length to match wide feed areas from centrifuges and 1, 1.5, and 2-meter length belt filter presses


        • Pharmaceutical pastes
        • Heavy petroleum sludges
        • Plasticizers
        • Municipal sludge in excess of 30% solids
        • Paper stock in excess of 12% solids

        G4 – 45 Inlet Design

          The G4 progressing cavity pump, designed for high efficiency, incorporates a 45° inlet to reduce friction loss and facilitate a gentler handling of the product.


          • The universal joint is positioned outside the fluid flow path, ensuring unobstructed flow to the pump cavity inlet.
          • Lower overall system pressure
          • Constant, non-pulsating flow imparts less stress on piping machinery and drive systems
          • Patented auger feed on the rotor head smoothly stuffs product directly into the cavity without obstruction
          • Rotor configuration is designed to enhance flow of high solids content materials and optimize volumetric efficiency


          • Fluid Type: High Solids


          • Pharmaceutical pastes
          • Heavy petroleum sludges
          • Plasticizers
          • Municipal sludge in excess of 30% solids
          • Paper stock in excess of 12% solids