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dosing/metering pump

A new line of pumps offering an efficient, reliable and low maintenance solution for applications where low flow, accurate dosing/metering is required. The dosing/metering pumps provide a smooth pumping action with no pulsation and very low shear. Ideal for either intermittent or continuous duties.

Design for low flow, metering or dosing applications offering continuous and accurate repeatability.


  • Reduce shear and crush damage to the pumped product. No pulsation or emulsification
  • Made with stainless steel except for the body, coupling rod and suction chamber
  • Handles Gas Entrainment: No air or gas locking in the pump
  • Suction chambers are manufactured in high-density polyethylene
  • PVDF end cover and mechanical seal housing
  • For severe chemical environments, Hastelloy internal pump components are available
  • These pumps have the ability to self-prime and it allows tri-phase liquids to be easily handled
  • Intercangeable with the small compact c pump
  • Flow meter is available for flow or temperature monitoring