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Thermal Fluid Heating Systems 

Heatec specializes in thermal fluid heaters, particularly those featuring helical coils heated by fired burners. Renowned for their versatility, these heaters find applications across various industries and are commonly referred to as hot oil heaters. Oil and gas producers identify them as HMO (Heat Medium Oil) heaters. 

In operation, the burner heats the thermal fluid circulating through the heater coil and other equipment’s heating coils. A single heater has the capacity to heat multiple interconnected pieces of equipment in one or more thermal fluid circuits. Furthermore, individual equipment heating can be independently controlled using valves that regulate the hot oil flow through each piece of equipment. 

The most popular heaters come with two-pass helical coils, burning a range of fuels and boasting high thermal efficiencies to conserve fuel. Heaters are also available with three-pass helical coils and serpentine coils, with outputs of up to approximately 75 million Btu/hour. 

Heatec manufactures its own thermal fluid coils, allowing for customized configurations to closely match the required flow rate without compromise. 

These heaters can be either vertical or horizontal. Vertical heaters offer a significant advantage with their compact footprint, making them suitable for installation in limited ground areas.