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waste heat recovery unit

Our waste heat recovery unit (WHRU) captures heat from exhaust gasses of gas-powered turbines or other equipment that generate large volumes of heat. This is heat that would otherwise be wasted into the atmosphere. Instead, a large portion of the heat from those exhaust gasses is transferred to thermal fluid flowing through coils inside the WHRU. The heated thermal fluid provides heat for other applications. Other designs are available and are fully customizable to the needs of the application.

It’s estimated that 20%-50% of energy is lost as waste heat in manufacturing processes where heat is used to make products. Waste heat is energy generated that goes unused and is lost to the environment. Waste heat can come from process systems, flue gasses, generators, turbines, cooling water, equipment surfaces, oxidizers, etc. But waste heat doesn’t have to go completely to waste. There are opportunities and technologies that allow manufacturers to put it to practical use.


heater economizer

Heatec economizers recover heat from exhaust gases of the heater. This is heat that would otherwise be lost into the atmosphere. The recovered heat is used to preheat thermal fluid or process fluid entering the heater. Another variation of the economizer preheats combustion air for the heater’s burner. Both types of economizers reduce the amount of fuel required for the heating process. The economizer mounts in the exhaust stack and is offered as an option. It can also be retrofitted to existing heaters.