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clamp-on jackets

Achieving heating, cooling, or temperature maintenance for an existing tank becomes effortless with Laser Plates. The utilization of Laser Plates eliminates the need for constructing a new tank, simplifies the process of removing and replacing the heat exchanger, and allows for convenient placement anywhere on the tank. Omega Thermo Products offers both single embossed and double embossed clamp-on plates, catering to specific needs.

Our tank clamp-on jackets begin as a flat Laser Plate, undergoing welding before being rolled and inflated into the desired shape. The tank heating and cooling jacket, complete with appropriate connections and insulation, is delivered ready for mounting on your tank. Typically, Omega tank clamp-on jackets are double embossed, featuring pillows on both sides of the jacket. The use of heat transfer mastic ensures a snug fit of the clamp-on jacket to your tank, with the mastic filling the air gap created by the pillowed shape.