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NOVUSBLOC Welded Plate Heat Exchanger

Available for energy-intensive markets worldwide, the NovusBloc® welded plate heat exchanger embodies Tranter’s premium design concept, providing a substantial enhancement in heat exchange performance and durability for these processes. 


  • An innovative design featuring top-notch weld quality and resilience against cyclic pressure and temperature conditions, all the while minimizing unnecessary additional pressure loss, thanks to its patented construction
  • reduced unit size, weight and footprint
  • Available in four model sizes
  • Capable of enduring challenging operational conditions in both single-phase and two-phase flow applications. The absence of gaskets for fluid separation eliminates compatibility concerns with aggressive fluids.
  • Design elements alleviate stress in crucial components, thereby reducing the risk of failure under high temperatures and pressures
  • Novusbloc is fully accessible for mechanical cleaning and visual inspection