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shell & plate welded heat exchangers

The SUPERMAX® Shell And Plate Heat Exchanger is engineered as an enhanced performance option compared to shell and tube, block-type welded, and brazed aluminum heat exchangers. This unit is capable of overcoming challenges such as limited footprint, high pressures/temperatures, fouling/scaling issues, and corrosive attacks involving liquids, gases, steam, and two-phase mixtures.


  • Reduced footprint and low installed weight
  • Wide temperature and pressure ratings
  • Good performance with environmentally friendly refrigerants like ammonia and carbon dioxide
  • Close temperature approach of 1ºC (2°F) –similar to gasketed plate heat exchangers
  • Intense turbulent flow enhances heat transfer efficiency significantly, preventing fouling or freezing issues in refrigeration/cryogenic applications
  • Rapid initiation and precise adaptation to process changes, along with minimal refrigerant charges, are achieved in refrigeration and cryogenic applications
  • Oblong plates with extended thermal length broaden capabilities for a variety of evaporation and condensing applications