HT Agitator

HT turbine mixers are globally recognized for their extensive lifespan, adaptability, and robustness, establishing them as the favored choice for challenging settings requiring optimal functionality. Available in 13 standard drive capacities ranging from 1 to 1,000 hp (0.75 to 750 kW)—with additional options tailored for specific needs—the HT turbine mixer offers a diverse range of mounting techniques, construction materials, shaft seals, shaft configurations, impeller designs, and supplementary components, ensuring the ideal mixer for virtually any production process. 


Internal Shafting. Oversized, low-speed internal shaft with a short bearing span reduces deflection and harmful gear misalignment. Low-speed shafts have extra large cross sections for maximum rigidity

Protective Finish: External surfaces are protected with a catalyzed polyurethane finish suitable for indoor or outdoor installations.

Quiet Performance: The high quality of the gears and other internal components, and precise machining of the drive housing contribute to quiet performance well below maximum recommended noise levels of 85 dbA.

Positive Lubrication:

  • Splash lubrication continuously protects gearing and high-speed bearings
  • A dry well low-speed shaft seal prevents oil leakage
  • Lubrication options for high-temperature service or low-speed applications include an external oil pump and an oil cooling system
  • Oil heaters are available for extremely low-temperature environments

Extra Capacity Tapered Roller Bearings

  • The tapered roller design handles both the radial and axial loads common to agitator drive service
  • Standard tapered roller bearing service rating of over 100,000 hours L-10 life throughout the drive
  • For simplified maintenance and prevention of housing wear, low-speed bearings are carrier-mounted and can be replaced without special tools

mounting options

  • Adaptable to Any Tank: HT agitators are adaptable to any vertical mounting configuration of open or nozzle-mounted closed tanks.
  • On Open Tanks: Steel plate feet or mounting plates are included on the gear drive to mount the agitator to beams or other supporting structures.
  • On Closed Tanks: HT agitators can be supplied with a fabricated steel support pedestal to mount the agitator directly to the vessel nozzle. The pedestal design includes a standard ANSO 150 lb flange. High-pressure and custom flanges are also available.
  • Bottom entry applications can be mounted, or independently mounted with a separate assembly.