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Model 20 HT/GT

The agitators showcase an innovative, high-efficiency gearbox meticulously crafted for optimal performance in agitating applications. Available in both right-angle and parallel shaft configurations, these models cater to diverse application needs, ranging from essential chemical reactor systems to standard storage setups.

features & BENEFITS

  • ChemSeal
  • Quick and easy seal change capability that saves time and reduces maintenance costs
  • Variety of seal options for application versatility
  • High energy efficiency due to an optimized gear design and lighter weight shaft diameter requirements
  • Standard cast dry well seal eliminates lubrication oil leakage from gearbox; this design is superior to maintenance-intensive, unreliable lip seals
  • Reversible rotation to meet an array of process requirements
  • Reliable performance and long life resulting from the cast gearbox with heavy-duty output shaft and bearings