The MR model stands as the newest inclusion in Chemineer™’s series of high-performance and dependable agitators. When coupled with an array of Chemineer impellers and complementary system components, the MR agitators efficiently address your blending, dispersion, and other mixing requirements in a cost-effective manner.

In its design, the MR gearbox integrates a larger output shaft precision-aligned and equipped with high-capacity tapered roller bearings. The robust cast iron housing of the MR gearbox is equipped with a double lip seal, ensuring effective containment of the gearbox lubricant. Additionally, the gearbox incorporates a swing-out seal change design, streamlining maintenance efforts and minimizing downtime. These design elements contribute to lowering the initial cost of the gearbox and other components within the agitation system, while simultaneously reducing the maintenance expenses associated with the agitator.

Mixer Seal: ChemSeal is an authentic Chemineer mixer seal crafted for challenging top-entry agitator applications where shaft movements are extensive, speeds are lower, and conditions exhibit more variability compared to those faced by pump seals.