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Colloid Mill

The most versatile high-shield mixer. Providing mixing and shear in emulsion, dispersion, and colloidal applications using an axial in/out rotor and stator system, the Greerco line offers tank-mounted homogenizers, in-line colloid mills, and pipeline for applications in the food, cosmetic, oil and gas, polymer, and chemical processing industries.


  • The rotor-stator gap can be adjusted on-the-fly by turning a hand wheel
  • Changing the gap setting allows the user to modify the shear rate applied to the fluid and achieve the desired process results
  • Indicator dial defines gap-setting position and ensures process repeatability
  • This machine is designed to handle a wide range of applications and empowers the user to make simple adjustments to achieve the precise product qualities they require
  • Vertical or horizontal mounting position makes mill ideal for batch, batch-continuous or in-line applications


  • Applications:
  • Emulsification
  • Solids incorporation
  • Homogeneous dispersions
  • Solids deagglomeration
  • Rapid blending
  • Particle size reduction
  • Pre-packaging product refinement