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pipeline mixer

Greerco High Shear Pipeline Mixers provide a diverse array of options suitable for continuous inline homogenization, particle size reduction, or dispersion applications. The Greerco Pipeline Mixer series is engineered and proven to provide many years of dependable service. Its engineering surpasses stringent quality standards, ensuring optimal process outcomes and durability in challenging processes that demand high shear mixing.

Greerco presents a comprehensive range of in-line high shear mixers designed for both sanitary and industrial applications. Offered in single or tandem shear configurations, the pipeline mixer is ideal for continuous in-line processes such as emulsification, dispersion, and de-agglomeration.


  • Available in industrial and sanitary models
  • Single or multi-stage heads for process customization
  • Versatile body design allows for the use of either a single rotor-stator or tandem rotor-stators to meet desired process results
  • High speed turbine running in close proximity to a fixed stator creates intense hydraulic and shear forces