DESMI is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of internal gear pumps and specializes in industrial pumping solutions handling various liquids and applications.

Reliability, productivity, and performance. These are precisely the areas addressed by our range of products, systems, and services. Value-added liquid transport solutions for local and global companies are our scope of supply.

In addition to the ROTAN® internal gear pumps, DESMI also provides a range of centrifugal pumps characterized by high levels of efficiency and low NPSH values.

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Internal Gear Pumps – ROTAN

The innovative modular design of ROTAN® pumps is widely acknowledged as the most advanced internal gear pump configuration currently available. This design not only ensures excellent self-priming capability and gentle liquid handling but also enables the pumping of highly viscous liquids.

Internal gear pumps, crafted from cast iron, cater to a broad spectrum of viscous and non-corrosive liquids. The HD pumps are specially engineered for diverse applications, particularly those dealing with high-viscosity liquids. DESMI offers a lineup of ROTAN Internal Gear Pumps tailored for various applications. Additionally, it is suitable for pumping additive.