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The DICKOW-pumps, type NCR, are heavy duty centrifugal pumps for petroleum, petrochemical and natural gas industries. The pumps are designed and manufactured according to API 610, 10th ed. / ISO 13709. This international standard specifies requirements for centrifugal pumps used in the above industries. The standard does not refer to any outline dimensions of the pumps.

The performance range of the NCR-pumps is subdivided such that acceptable efficiencies can be achieved for all service conditions. The maximum capacity goes up to 700 m3/h (3100 USgpm). Differential head up to 145 mLC (480 ft) at 2900 rpm and 220 mLC (660 ft) at 3500 rpm.

With a wide selection of materials and the possibility to install all shaft sealing systems according to API 682, DICKOW-NCR-pumps are suitable to convey nearly all kinds of liquids which are usual in the above mentioned industries. E.g. acids, lyes, chlorinated hydrocarbons, heat transfer media (HTM), all kinds of hydrocarbon fuels, liquid sulphur, melted plastics, bitumen etc.

If the application requires sealless pumps, consider also our magnetic coupled PRM-pumps according to API 685.

Process Pump ANSI to API 685 series PRM

Enhancing both plant and personnel safety while reducing maintenance costs, magnetic-coupled PRM pumps prove advantageous as 90% of maintenance expenses are typically attributed to seal leaks. These pumps are adept at handling a diverse range of liquids found in the chemical and petrochemical industry, refineries, and industrial heating plants. Particularly effective for liquids that are toxic, flammable, malodorous, or react upon exposure to the atmosphere, where any form of leakage is unacceptable. The inclusion of a containment shell replaces the conventional double-acting mechanical seal along with its external flushing system and associated control equipment. The PRM pumps are designed with a performance range that ensures optimal efficiency under various service conditions. With a capacity reaching up to 900 m3/h (4000 USgpm) and a differential head up to 150 mLC (500 ft).