giw slurry pumps

GIW slurry pumps are engineered to efficiently transport slurry across a range of applications within the hard rock mining, mineral mining, oil sands, and dredging sectors. Additionally, they find utility in hydro transport applications and for long-distance tailings disposal. With a focus on meeting customer requirements, KSB delivers robust and economical slurry pumps. Our innovative solutions empower you to enhance productivity while reducing expenses. Opt for GIW pumps to extend operational runtimes, mitigate unplanned downtime, and decrease your overall cost of ownership. 

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The LCC-H series pumps stand out as the most robust and durable members within the LCC family. True to their name, these extra-heavy pumps incorporate sturdier metal sections and adapted hydraulics to effectively handle challenging slurries. Additionally, they offer a three-stage pressure capability of up to 300 psi, making them particularly well-suited for intermediate pumping distances.



Pumps within the LCC-M series are engineered to handle slurries encompassing a diverse range of particle sizes and those with high-discharge head. They are particularly well-suited for processing mildly corrosive slurries. Each pump in this series is characterized by a single-wall, hard-iron construction, a three-vane impeller, and a conveniently replaceable suction plate liner. Notably, the modular design of LCC-M pumps eliminates the need for a separate outer housing, facilitating easy access for operators to replace parts as necessary. For enhanced corrosion resistance, a selection of materials, including GIW’s T90G and 40G, is available.



The GIW heavy-duty Vertical Pumps present an effective solution for the most challenging corrosive and abrasive slurry applications. These robust pumps seamlessly integrate extended wear life with sustained high hydraulic efficiency, ensuring the most economical total cost of ownership. Tailored wear components are accessible in an extensive array of proprietary hard iron alloys, as well as rubber and urethane linings, to accommodate diverse applications. The V-Belt drive system accommodates high-horsepower motors, and the structural components can be customized with corrosion-resistant alloys. The combination of performance, efficiency, and straightforward maintenance makes the GIW Vertical Slurry Pump the optimal choice for exceptional value.


LCC Rubber-Lined Series

The LCC Rubber-Lined Series features a split-casing design with molded, replaceable rubber liners. The molded liner may be specified in a variety of natural and synthetic rubbers. Natural gum rubber is standard. The liners offer a shore A hardness of 30-40 with a tensile strength minimum of 2,700 psi (18 n/mm2). 


mega slurry

The GIW Mega Slurry is a high-performance, low-maintenance slurry pump recommended for coarse or fine particles from solids-laden wastewater to aggressive slurries of an abrasive and/or corrosive nature. 


vertical pumps

GIW heavy-duty vertical pumps are the answer for the most aggressive corrosive and abrasive slurry applications. These rugged pumps combine long wear life with high sustainable hydraulic efficiency for the lowest total cost of ownership.


LSA-S Series Slurry

LSA-S Series Slurry Pumps are designed for severe duties with operating flows from 100 gallons per minute (20 cubic meters per hour) to more than 60,000 gallons per minute (14.000 cubic meters per hour).