Granzow delivers top-tier industrial products renowned for their exceptional reliability across a wide spectrum of applications. Our products adhere to the most stringent standards, ensuring they surpass the expectations of our valued customers. We consistently expand our product range to cater to emerging markets and diverse applications. Granzow’s offerings encompass valves, pumps, and liquid level controls, each crafted with precision and excellence
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Peristaltic Industrial

Superb hose compression, devoid of friction, leads to unparalleled efficiency. The utilization of large rollers contributes to an extended hose lifespan, low energy consumption, minimal starting torque, and an exceptionally broad frequency range. This not only generates energy savings but also increases the total number of hours the hose remains operational.

Maintenance-free pump with lubricated-for-life system requires only a small amount of lubricant, producing minimal waste. DECREASES COST AND DOWNTIME.

Crafted through a distinctive manufacturing process, this top-tier hose incorporates an extruded inner layer, high-density textile reinforcement, and a precision machined outer layer. This meticulous construction guarantees optimal compression and fast installation. Constructed from materials compatible with a diverse range of media and adaptable to various working conditions, it delivers precise performance even in extreme temperatures or harsh abrasive/corrosive environments. Offering an extended hose life, it facilitates fast and easy replacement.


Peristaltic Food-Grade

The Granzow peristaltic pump designed for food-grade applications provides an optimal solution for the specific sanitary requirements of food and beverage producers. A range of features simplifies and expedites clean-in-place (CIP) processes. The only components that meet the flowing media are the hose and fittings, and the pump’s rolling action generates a liquid wave, effectively transporting solids through the pump without causing any damage.