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vertical turbine pump

Peerless Pump Vertical Turbines have stuffing boxes that are adaptable to various mechanical seal types and a range of API seal flush plans. Swing-type gland bolts, constructed of steel with 18-8 stainless steel nuts, secure the stuffing boxes. These boxes are designed to accommodate a minimum of five packing rings with a lantern ring, and split glands enable easy removal for re-packing. 

To safeguard the carbon steel or optional heat-treated stainless-steel shaft through the stuffing box, replaceable bronze or optional hardened 416 stainless steel shaft sleeves are employed. These sleeves extend beyond the mechanical seal or packing glands for maximum shaft protection, sealed by O-rings. The grease-lubricated ball bearings are designed for an average life of 100,000 hours, with single-row radial ball bearings for inboard bearings and duplex angular contact ball bearings for outboard bearings (optional oil lubricated). 

The pump and driver are affixed to a common steel base (optional drip rim) and connected by a flexible coupling, complete with a coupling guard. Alignment and bolting of the pump and driver are done before factory shipment. 

The Vertical Turbine also includes a cast bronze, one-piece impeller. 


  • Capacities: Up to 100,000 gpm

  • Head: Up to 2,500 feet

  • Pressure: Dependent on material

  • Horsepower: Up to 5,000 hp

  • Temperature: -60°F to 450°F (-51°C to 232°C)

  • Drives: Electric, right angle gear, combination motor gear, engine or steam turbine

  • Liquids: Water, butane, corrosives, etc.

  • Materials: Any machinable alloys suitable for the application