RENNER products find widespread success in mechanical and systems engineering, as well as in the chemical and pharmaceutical sectors. They are also integral to environmental and process engineering, water and wastewater treatment, and applications in the textiles and food industries. Additionally, experts depend on RENNER pumps for equipping etching and cleaning systems, refrigeration units, solar installations, and in the photographic and electroplating fields. 

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RM 1 Series

Our centrifugal pumps, featuring magnetic coupling, achieve hermetic sealing and complete leak prevention through non-contact torque transmission. Pumps constructed from plastic or stainless steel are positioned external to the medium or container, seamlessly integrated into the piping system of the plant.


RM 2 Series

The hermetic sealing of our magnetically coupled centrifugal pumps ensures absolute leak-free performance, thanks to the non-contact torque transmission mechanism. These pumps, crafted from either plastic or stainless steel, are strategically positioned external to the medium or container and seamlessly integrated into the piping system of the plant.


RT Series

RENNER vertical centrifugal immersion pumps are specifically crafted for vertical installation in non-pressurized tanks, open basins, or pits. Offering the same spectrum of services as magnetic drive centrifugal pumps, they provide added possibilities by being vertically submerged in the container or tank.

These pumps without sealings and safe-to-run-dry, out of fully plastic material, are especially space-saving and are installed mainly in industrial facilities.