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Rotech Pumps offers ASME B73.1 End-Suction Centrifugal pumps under the ANSI 1196 Process Pump series, featuring an open impeller and available in a diverse range of sizes and construction materials for various process applications. 

The Rotech 1196 Series ANSI Pumps are seamlessly interchangeable with counterparts from other ANSI pump manufacturers such as Gould’s™ 3196 series, Summit™ 2196 series, Griswold® 811, and many more. 

The ANSI 1196 pumps from Rotech provide flexibility through a range of sealing options and can be tailored to meet pumping requirements across different industries and fluid types. 


1196LF Series Low Flow ANSI Pumps 

Engineered for low flow and high head applications, the 1196LF Series ANSI Pumps are End Suction Frame-Mounted Centrifugal pumps compliant with ASME B73.1 standards. Primarily designed for process fluid applications, these pumps are versatile and suitable for use in virtually any application. 

Rotech’s 1196LF Series ANSI Pumps offer direct interchangeability with other brands of ANSI Low Flow pumps, including Goulds© 3196LF, Summit™ 2196LF, Griswold® 811LF, and others. 


1796 Series Self Primer Pumps 

1796 Series ANSI Self-Priming Pumps feature semi-open impellers and are utilized across a range of heavy-duty industrial applications. 

Rotech’s ANSI Self-Priming Pumps in the 1796 Series offer direct interchangeability with other brands of ANSI Self-Priming pumps, such as Goulds 3796 and Summit 2796.