Unibloc Hygienic Technologies leads the sanitary industry with precision-engineered positive displacement pumps, Air-Operated Double Diaphragm pumps, and drum pumps.

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Gear Pump

A gear pump built to last, ensuring worry-free dependability and pinpoint precision. Unibloc’s gear pumps are the premier choice for 3A sanitary applications.

Unibloc Pump’s positive displacement (PD) gear pumps establish a high standard with their robust gearbox design. These pumps deliver a stable platform for accuracy and consistency, offering a wide range of sanitary pumping solutions.Crafted to meet the demands of challenging processing and cleaning environments, Unibloc Pump leads the industry in 3A sanitary applications.

Bearing Housing

Engineered for Precision: Boasts the industry’s strongest precision construction

Material Options: Available in both 316L stainless steel and anodized aluminum

Solid Construction: Each pump head is crafted from solid 316L stainless steel

Compact Design – Short/Stout Shafts

Enhanced Performance: Minimizes refraction at high pressures, leading to increased productivity, better flow, and extended lifespan

Reinforced Shafts: Optional reinforced jacket shafts for added durability

Spiral Cut Gears

Smooth Operation: Ensures pulsation-free flow for quiet and efficient operation

Compatibility: Compatible with servomechanical equipment, offering precise flow rates

QuickStrip® Design

Easy Cleaning: Engineered to meet FDA’s stringent cleaning requirements for daily use

Tool-Free Access: Allows for easy access to pump head and seals without the need for tools

Versatile Options: Available in both Lobe and Gear style pumps

One-Way Assembly: Ensures accuracy and minimizes damage from foreign materials

Optional Front-Loaded Seal Design: Provides access to seals without detaching the pump head

Ultra-Hygienic Design: Seamless and porosity-free design for the industry’s cleanest CIP/SIP capable pump, with a non-stick gearbox exterior for easier cleaning

Sanitary Pump Application Solutions: Ideal for viscous materials such as fats, oils, and glycerin, with versatile Seal Mount (VSM) technology for simplified operations across multiple applications

Material Options: Offered in a variety of industry-specific materials and designs, including rotor material options such as stainless steel alloy, Polyflex® plastic metal detectable, and DuraCore® composite designs, and gear material alternatives including Teflon/Stainless, Teflon, and various plastics.


  • Ultra-hygienic design
  • Precision-built bearing housing
  • Compact design
  • Smooth, quiet operation
  • QuickStrip® design for meticulous cleaning
  • Positive Displacement Pump


With its core boasting a meticulously machined gearbox, this lobe pump establishes new benchmarks in industry performance, offering sanitary solutions tailored to diverse applications.

Unibloc’s lobe positive displacement (PD) pumps establish a benchmark with their dynamic gearbox foundation, offering a robust platform for consistency and precision across a wide range of sanitary pumping solutions.

Crafted to excel in demanding processing and cleaning environments, Unibloc Pump leads the industry in 3A sanitary applications.

Minimized Product Shear: Ensures low-product shear and exceptional displacement

Precise Tolerances: Features tight, no-contact tolerances, with optional non-galling alloy rotors to reduce the risk of foreign material and wear.


The sleek design eliminates any potential pinches or gaps that could harbor material buildup or harbor hazardous microorganisms. The gearbox boasts a non-stick exterior for effortless cleaning.


  • Ultra-hygienic design
  • Patented rotor for low product shear
  • QuickStrip® design for meticulous cleaning


  • Tailored for High Pressure and High Temperature: Ideal for applications requiring high pressure, high temperature, and handling low shear or abrasive products.
  • Versatile Seal Mount (VSM) Technology: Simplifies operations across various applications by enabling seals to mount on any pump head without modifications.
  • Diverse Material Options: Offered in a range of industry-specific materials and designs.
  • Rotor Material Varieties: Options include stainless steel alloy, Polyflex® plastic metal detectable, and DuraCore® composite designs.

    one-nut pump

    The “One-Nut” Sanitary Air-Operated Double-Diaphragm Pump

    Flotronic® has gained recognition for its innovative creation, the “One-Nut” Air-Operated Double-Diaphragm pump (AODD). This groundbreaking design facilitates rapid disassembly without the need to disconnect the pump from the process pipework.

    Flotronic® One-Nut pumps are capable of transferring a wide array of materials with varying viscosities and solids content. They can effectively handle chemicals, adhesives, cosmetics, beverages, dyes, foodstuffs, paints, pharmaceuticals, and solvents. Our clientele’s products span a broad spectrum, encompassing industrial acids, hand creams, and various food items.