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fume mitigation

HEATEC produces fume mitigation equipment designed to eliminate harmful fumes and pollutants generated during manufacturing processes and wastewater treatment. Our custom-built fume incinerators and oxidizers are exceptionally efficient. Additionally, the system can be enhanced with a waste heat recovery system to further minimize its environmental impact. 

Our fume incinerator burns noxious fumes to prevent polluting the atmosphere. While roofing manufacturers are frequent users of these incinerators, they are versatile and can be employed wherever fume mitigation is a concern. Operating at a temperature of 1500 degrees Fahrenheit, the incinerator recovers approximately 5 million Btu/hour from the fume incineration process. This recovered heat serves as secondary heat for asphalt tanks and contributes to heating the combustion air for the incinerator. (Incinerators are also referred to as thermal oxidizers.) Various sizes are available to suit different requirements. 


  • Roofing & construction 
  • Asphalt mixing 
  • Chemical 
  • Petrochemical