verder hygenic pumps

Verder liquids is the specialist in a wide range of self-manufactured Hygienic pumps. These range of pumps consist of the Packo centrifugals, Verderair double diaphragm, Verderflex peristaltics and the recently addition with Packo rotary lobe and twin screw pumps. With this complete range we can answer all your hygienic pump questions!
You can find our pumps in almost all hygienic industries like dairy, beverage & food, pharmaceutical and bio tech companies. But also in more “industrial” industries with higher demands on cleanability like the semi-conductor industry. On application level we have a lot of references on filtration, pasteurization, evaporation, CIP and many more.

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packo pumps

The Packo Standard Sanitary pump series can satisfy the stringent criteria for EHEDG and 3A certification. These pumps stand out for their superior hygienic cleanability, reliability, and user-friendly handling. Custom-configured to order, Packo’s hygienic centrifugal pumps provide a vast array of pump configurations. Widely utilized in challenging sectors like dairy, food & beverage, breweries, and pharmaceuticals, these standard pumps are equally suitable for industrial applications in areas such as mining, chemicals, and wastewater, where high corrosion resistance is essential.

the packo pump series

General Industrial Series

The Packo Standard industrial pump series boasts exceptional efficiency and remarkably low NPSH. Each pump within this range is sturdy and straightforward to maintain. The series includes pump models designed with a modular concept, utilizing standard components, as well as options for submersible pumps and industrial air handling pumps.

Sanitary Pump Series

Packo’s hygienic food pumps adhere to the stringent requirements of EHEDG and 3A certification. As a result, these pumps are employed in a wide array of demanding food applications, including dairy, breweries, distilleries, and other beverage production. With their easy-to-clean design, these pumps prove ideal for use in food production.

Pharmaceutical Pump Series

Before electropolishing, the wetted components of Packo pharmaceutical pumps undergo manual polishing to achieve a surface quality of Ra < 0.4 µm. This pump series incorporates an energy-saving concept and minimizes NPSH losses. Custom seal configurations are also available. The Packo pharmaceutical pump series holds EHEDG and 3A certifications and is manufactured following ASME BPE guidelines.


packo twin screw pumps

Packo’s twin screw pumps were created to handle the pumping of liquids ranging from low to high viscosity and gaseous substances in hygienic settings, including dairies, breweries, the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industry, and bakeries. These pumps serve as the perfect positive displacement solution for gently pumping viscous liquids without causing harm to enclosed solids, such as fruit in yogurt or nuts in ice cream. With a broad allowable speed range, this pump can also function as a CIP+ pump, eliminating the need for a bypass centrifugal pump.


packo lobe pumps

The Packo Lobe Pump series is crafted to cater to a wide range of applications, spanning industries such as dairies, food, beverages, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, bakeries, detergents, liquors, and chemicals. Specifically designed for conveying fluids within the low to high viscosity range, these pumps ensure gentle handling of products.

Each series of Packo rotary lobe pumps represents a state-of-the-art solution in its respective field. These pumps can be equipped with various features and rotors to accommodate almost every hygienic pumping requirement. Customization options are available to optimize the pump’s function and performance according to your specific process needs.