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Rotech 1196

Rotech Pumps ANSI 1196 Process Pumps are ASME B73.1 End-Suction Centrifugal pumps with an open impeller designed in a wide range of sizes and materials of construction for all process applications.

Rotech 1196 Series ANSI Pumps are directly interchangeable with other manufactures of ANSI pumps i.e. Gould’s© 3196 series , Summit™ 2196 series , Griswold® 811 and many other ANSI pumps manufacturers.

ANSI 1196 are able to use a variety of sealing options, and can be optimized for your pumping solutions in various industries and types of fluid.

Rotech is a growing name in the ANSI pump, competing with a simple goal in mind: Quality, Commitment, Adaptability.


Product Specifications/Features

  • Manufactured to meet ANSI/ASME B73.1 standard
  • Standard, Large and Taper Bore Stuffing box covers
  • External impeller adjustment
  • Open impeller design
  • Various shaft and shaft sleeve combinations
  • Wide Variety of Material of Construction-Like Ductile Iron, Carbon Steel, 316SS, CD4MCUN, Alloy 20, Hastelloy B, C and many other material of constructions
  • Jacketed Casing and Stuffing Box Cover Available
  • Finned-Tube Bearing Oil Cooler Available

Design Specification

Max Flow Rate: 1,590 m³/h (7,000 gpm)

Max Head: 275 m (900 ft)

Max Temperature: 260°C (500°F)



  • Oil & Gas,
  • Petrochemical & refineries
  • Boiler Feed
  • Condensate
  • High Pressure Process
  • Column Reflux & Column Bottoms
  • Hot Oil
  • Sea Water

Information provided by Rotech.