poly processing tank

Poly storage tank systems are meticulously crafted to enhance the safety, durability, and compatibility of your system, tailored to the specific properties of the stored chemicals. With smarter chemical storage solutions, your tasks become more streamlined and hassle-free.

Not all high-density polyethylene tanks are created equal. Although they sound nearly identical, linear polyethylene and cross-linked polyethylene (XLPE) chemical storage tanks have significant differences. Both linear polyethylene and XLPE tanks are made with heated resins to create a cured plastic. However, the differences in their production create very different polyethylenes with very different structural strength.

Cross-linking is simply the formation of bonds between the polymer chains. These bonds, equal in strength and stability to the principal bonds along the polymer backbone, tie the polymers together, thus dramatically increasing molecular weight. In fact, the length of the polymer chains and, therefore, the physical properties, are much better than can ever be achieved without crosslinking. The result is a plastic that possesses impact resistance, tensile strength, and resistance to fracture.

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